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« CARLOTTI is the realisation of a childhood dream to emphasise the beauty of this world.

Why? Because I have a deeply held belief that from beauty stems harmony and well-being. My grandmother was a milliner and my mother a fashion designer. The women in my family passed on their omnipresent, infectious lust for life. Boundless curiosity combined with an entrepreneurial spirit took me on a diverse journey from merchant banking to interior design, fashion and industrial design, gradually working my way towards my ideal.

Like many great love stories, my relationship with glasses began badly. At 30, when I was told I needed to wear them, I was devastated. And so began my search for the right pair. Several years and a myopia operation later, a chance encounter with an enthusiastic expert led to my realisation that this incredibly personal yet ostentatious accessory plays a crucial role in our lives.

I have been spreading the word on the well-being derived from carefully chosen eyewear ever since.”

Valérie Carlotti

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When did you last really look at your glasses?

You have no idea how much they say about you. Whether you want to blend into the background, emphasise an aspect of your personality, show off your eyes, make a statement or hide your light under a bushel, you will only achieve your objective if you take the time to choose the right glasses for you.

Your ideal glasses are probably not the first pair you see, nor are they necessarily a bespoke design.

At CARLOTTI, we cultivate two essential values: creativity and sincerity. Where glasses are concerned, creativity is where shape meets material, colour and personality. Thanks to our expertise and know-how, we’ll find the perfect blend for you. As for sincerity, it is evident in the pleasure we derive from seeing our customers’ pride in wearing glasses that really suit them.