The Optician’s Workshop

Between your store visit where you first choose your frame and lenses, and the delivery of your eyewear, there are several different stages. These are the crucial steps needed to achieve the best aesthetic result, guarantee excellent optic quality and ensure your glasses perform well over time.

However, these essential stages of an optician’s workshop are often overlooked by glasses wearers. Yet the quality of this work lies in both experience and great manual skill. A degree of excellence and savoir-faire is needed in the handling of quality materials like horn and other types of designer eyewear that require careful assembly.

The time taken over these three stages varies from 3 minutes to three quarters of an hour, depending on the care and attention needed to complete the work, the frame materials used and the complexity of the assembly.


At CARLOTTI, the entire assembly workshop revolves around customisation. Unique work is carried out at every stage of the eyewear making process:


At CARLOTTI, lenses are often ordered specifically to match the frame of each customer’s glasses, and we rarely use standardised frames. This allows us to optimise the thickness of your lenses. To do this, your frame is passed over a sensor and the shape is sent over to the lens lab.


Your lens size is calibrated with a digital grinder. First, the shape of your frame is recorded by a sensor, and the adjustments (pupil distance and height) required for your type of glasses are shown. Then, for each set of glasses, the fitter carefully examines the frame, lens thickness and any instructions from the optician in charge of the patient file. They will then decide on assembly options and any machine calibrations needed to get the best result. This bespoke fine-tuning of the machine for each individual assembly is a unique feature of the CARLOTTI Workshop. Equally unique is the way that certain finishing touches are added by hand to achieve the best aesthetic outcome. The lenses are then positioned within the frame.


The lenses are delivered to the workshop as they are, i.e. not yet cut into shape. At this stage they are round or oval shaped. They are strength tested and examined to ensure their unique features correspond to the customer’s order and prescription.


The lenses are cleaned and the frame is tested to check the centering and positioning of each lens. These tests allow us to ensure the glasses comply with the specific needs of the wearer and to the type of lenses they’ve chosen


The frame is then rectified, i.e. its shape is reworked after the lenses are set in place to restore its original contours.

At CARLOTTI, each assembly is unique and specific. Nothing is automated. It is this combination of savoir-faire and the time dedicated to each piece that makes the difference between a beautiful pair of glasses and an ordinary set manufactured in a standardised way.