Eyewear maker in Paris

Founded in 2006 in Paris on rue Saint-Sulpice at the heart of Saint-Germain-des-Prés, the CARLOTTI brand has established itself as a leading Parisian eyewear maker. Unlike a traditional opticians, the eyewear maker possesses a real expertise in terms of eyewear design and production. Through its knowledge of different eyewear materials and manufacturing stages, it is able to design unique models, introduce modifications, and rework the shape and ergonomics of the frame. This expertise is also evident in the high standards required when it comes to choosing eyewear collections, and unearthing real talent and quality designers.


In 2012, a bespoke eyewear department was established at CARLOTTI, while 2014 saw the introduction of a house frames collection where customers can personalise their eyewear. Customers don’t come here to simply pick out a pair of glasses with a logo. They come in search of eyewear made especially for them.

It’s all part of this Parisian eyewear maker’s craft: to work closely with customers to define the shape, colour and model that fits their unique pathway through life.